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KS1 ICT Carousel

Posted by siddalprimary on Mar-23-2017

This week in carousel the children have been making their characters using modelling clay for their Animation projects.  They had fun making a range of characters including, princesses, unicorns, chickens, a rainbow horse and aliens.

Next week they will become film directors and producers when they begin to create their films.

Mrs Godwin

Science Week

Posted by siddalprimary on Jun-28-2016

Next week, we are holding a Science Week in school. Watch this space for amazing posts all about it.


Our Tyre Park project (KS1)

Posted by siddalprimary on Apr-21-2016

In our ICT carousel groups we had fun taking photographs of our new tyre park.  Mrs Godwin printed our photographs and then we used Microsoft Paint to draw our own pictures using our photographs to help us.

Here are some examples of our work we hope you like them!!










hayden martin


Y5 & Y6 Carousel – Summer Term 1

Posted by siddalprimary on Apr-14-2016

logo 2

As part of our ICT carousel sessions on Wednesday afternoons the children decided to take photographs of our new tyre park and manipulate them using the Photo Booth app on the iPads. They really enjoyed taking part in this project and were amazed at their results .

Here are some examples of their work. Mrs Godwin


Jamie – Leigh (Y5) Normal tool


Light Tunnel tool


Mirror tool


Twirl tool


X-ray tool


Faith (Y5) Normal tool


Thermal tool


Light tunnel tool


Twirl tool

Y1 & Y2 Carousel

Posted by siddalprimary on Mar-10-2016

In our carousel groups the children have been using Microsoft Paint to draw their portraits.  They found using some of the tools a bit tricky but after lots of practice they mastered the tools that some of the children had not used before. Using Microsoft Word they will use the keyboard to write about themselves finding out where the letters are on the keyboard.

Here are some of their portraits.

Mrs Godwin











Y3 & Y4 ICT Carousel

Posted by siddalprimary on Mar-1-2016

The children have been working really hard in their carousel groups using Photo Booth on the iPads to take a range of photographs around the outside of the school.  Using the different tools they manipulated their photographs and had some amazing results.

Here are some examples of their work.

IMG_0419 IMG_0418 IMG_0417

Oliver and Shelby's work

Oliver (Y3) and Shelby’s (Y4) work


IMG_0400 IMG_0401 IMG_0402 IMG_0403 IMG_0404

Kyle (Y4) and Olivia’s (Y3) work.





Year 3 & Year 4 using Photo Booth

Posted by siddalprimary on Feb-8-2016

In our carousel sessions we used the Photo Booth app on the iPads to take photographs around the school grounds.  We used the different tools to manipulate our images and we were amazed at our finished products!

Take a look at some of our work.  Can you see the animal hiding in one of our images?

“I was impressed with my finished images, couldn’t believe the transformations!”  Georgie Y4

” I enjoyed using Photo Booth because I had the opportunity of going outside to take photographs and using the different tools to change them”  Keenan Y3

IMG_0553 IMG_0554 IMG_0555 IMG_0556

IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0363

KS2 have fun making Christmas buns

Posted by siddalprimary on Dec-9-2015

Children in KS2 have had fun making chocolate Christmas buns during their carousel sessions this week.

They made some very creative designs using fondant icing.

Mrs Harper

PC070001 PC070002 PC070004 PC070005

Using Photo Booth

Posted by siddalprimary on Dec-7-2015

Y3 & Y4 children used the Photo Booth app on the iPads to take photographs around the school grounds. We had lots of fun using the different tools to change the effects of our photographs. Mrs Godwin showed us how to upload the images using USB cables onto the computers.

We used Microsoft Publisher to design a photographic booklet.

Here are some of our amazing photographs.



Baileys original photo


Baileys 2nd picture using the light tunnel tool


Taylor’s original photograph in the lower playground


This is Taylor’s 2nd picture he changed using the twirl tool.

Here are some  of our brochure examples.

PC080001 PC080002 PC080003


Pom-Pom Mania!

Posted by siddalprimary on Dec-4-2015

The KS1 children have been furiously making pom-poms during Carousel which they will be turning into a Christmas decoration.  They have enjoyed choosing the different colours for the wool and it has kept them very busy for two sessions!  Check back in a couple of weeks to see the finished products!Lots of concentration! IMG_2202